Due to the nature and current size of Secu You, we have to strictly adopt our supplier’s warranty policy – in order to stay compliant with their terms.

All Secu You products have a minimum of 1-year warranty for items sold from the date of sale. This excludes consumables.

Sealed Lead Acid and LITHIUM batteries carry a 1-year limited warranty.

Warranty for goods purchased from Secu You that are manufactured and or distributed by local 3rdparty suppliers also carries a minimum of 1year warranty in accordance with the warranty policies of each specific supplier.

The following conditions may void all warranties on any equipment:

All goods that are deemed to be ‘faulty new’ or ‘Defective/Dead On Arrival’ must be returned to a Secu You within 7 days from the date of purchase for a technical evaluation before they will be serviced, repaired, or swapped.

Secu You will provide sales support for all products as sold. It remains the responsibility of the installer/customer to make sure that he/she is adequately trained in the security product use, application, and installation and that all products are used and installed according to the installation instructions/specifications as provided with the product.

General Terms & Conditions.

Faulty items returned within 7 days of purchase (Dead/Defective On Arrival – D.O.A.)

Faulty items returned after 7 days of purchase.